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The Downstairs is the new Upstairs

In 1998 I was commissioned to work with a developer to design townhomes & duplexes in a new & upcoming Golf Course Community. I was excited to be part of such a high-profile project at the time as I was just starting out on my own. I knew it was going to be a great learning experience as well. In the end it became a learning experience for a lot of us, especially & unfortunately for the developer. Now I look back & see that the developer was just little ahead of his time. He asked me to design what would be a unique concept of living that people in this area weren't ready to accept. He said, "We're going to make the Downstairs the new Upstairs."

The property in which these units rest was on walk-out basement lots over-looking a beautiful fairway. His idea was not to build up, but to build down to save cost. The buyers of these townhomes were predicted to be empty nesters anyway. Buyers will be Ranch Style lifestyles on the main floor & the secondary Bedrooms were to be downstairs rather than the typical upstairs. It was a brilliant idea at the time...or was it?