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The Mudroom is back.

Growing up in rural America I remember everyone's home had a Mudroom. My friend's homes, large or small, had one. My Aunts & Uncles homes had them. And all my Grandparents homes had one. The Farm House my father remodeled in the early 70's had a large one, so it seemed since I was little. It was on the side of the home pointed toward the farm & it had multiple uses. Muddy boots, coats, my Pop's farm filthy clothes, & Mom's garden shoes, gloves & tools were the primary inhabitants. But what I remember most were the Beagle dog beds, the duckling boxes, & incubated hatching chicken eggs that filled the room almost every Winter. That 8'X8' space was just as important as the Kitchen in our home. It wasn't the heart of the home but it was certainly the artery.

In the 80's when I started designing homes for clients I remember quite a few times including a Mudroom in the Floor Plan only to have it deleted later to cut cost & square feet. Clients often said it was a waste of space & had little to no use for it. It made sense at the time. These were clients & homes that were in developments & towns. No one was coming home with muddy boots. No one had farm duties & animal