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"Everyone loves a Ranch."  Yes, it's true.  But they aren't for everyone.  Cost per square foot is highest in 1-story construction.  Every room requires a foundation & a roof.  Every Ranch requires more land than the 2-story equal. 


 Ranch homes embody both modernist ideas and the casual spirit.  The "Sprawling Ranch" is named accurately as they tell stories of an American Lifestyle.  The Ranch was popularized in the US from the 1940's through the 1970's.  Originally they were ordinary rectangular plans with boxed-in Living Areas on one side & Bedrooms on the other.  Today's Ranch embraces single-story living with open layouts & high ceilings.  Split-Bedroom Ranch Style is popular today as it has the Master Suite to one side of the home & the secondary Bedrooms to the other end of the home.  All having direct access to the center open Living Areas as the heart of the home.

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